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Rumores: Más de marines del caos y ángeles oscuros

       Hola a todos, hoy os traigo un compendio de los últimos rumores que están circulando por la red sobre los dos ejércitos que van a protagonizar La venganza oscura que teñirá el universo de warhammer 40k a partir de la semana que viene, los marines del caos y los ángeles oscuros. Todos ellos secundados por nafka y su blog Faeit 212. Especemos:

- De Marines espaciales del caos, cita literal:

" It's hitting pretty hard that CSM are actually October, the confusion amongst the rumor mongers is that word is WD will hit the 22nd, in time for GD UK the 23rd. With pre-orders for CSM within. And on sale date of Sept. 29th. with a later in the month of Oct 2nd wave.

So the CSM out Sept is technically correct, but the reality is its the Oct release."

       Que viene a decir más o menos que los marines espaciales del caos pasan a octubre como novedad de susodicho mes y no a mediados de septiembre como se venía diciendo últimamente.

- De ángeles oscuros:

"... The DA codex will have a new choice in bipode heavy media mortis to be appointed and will have two guns.

Una nueva opción como bípode, un dread vamos

there will be a new character that ought to choose allies from other codex (called guard?) as a troop choice ...

Un nuevo personaje que podrá elegir aliados de otros códex

about the Deathwing I heard something about a box containing two hammers and shield and weapon type weapon nemesis that should give FNP to 2 +

Del ala de la muerte una caja que incluya dos martillos y armas parecidas a las némesis
there will be new variants of land speeder ... (And perhaps also one that makes the functions of the storm talon)

Un nuevo tipo de LS y quizás una que cumpla las funciones de la stormtalon

the "Blazing Sword" is something that has to do with the ravenwing .... 

The presence of 3 banners that will characterize the army and the command team. 

the DA will have different rules on the use of plasma weapons .. something warming ... to represent the fact that they are experts in using these weapons.

Diferentes reglas para sus armas de plasma

New aircraft is introduced into the codex DA will not be the storm Talon.
the cyclone missile launcher will have an AA if the model remains stationary for that turn.

Un nuevo volador diferente al stormtalon

There will be new options for the predator.

Más opciones para el predator

WW AA will have the option as an upgrade and 3 different types of missile to choose before the game.
special character chaplain will be introduced

Tres tipos diferentes de misilesa elegir antes de empezar las partidas

there will be new psychic powers and will be given space to a couple of new units that are not present in the previous codex.

Nuevos poderes psíquicos

There are two basic troops choices and not just one.

Dos tropas básicas en vez de una

it comes to AA missile launchers in the new codex .. I do not know, and this refers to the type of the missile destroyers or to those mentioned above.

about the release of the codex is a lot of confusion .. should be the first after the new year .. but when it was planned that the book of HH FW plans have been changed since the GW expects many sales and do not want to risk crossing your outputs gw and Fw. "

Dudas en lo referente a la salida del nuevo códex, todas las quinielas apuntan a que sea el primero del nuevo año.

       Hasta aquí la ración de rumores de hoy, espero vuestros comentarios al respecto ;)

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